Margox / Indie Rock



Margox is what bloomed out of Colleen Christman when she realized she couldn’t keep fighting the voice inside her. After thinking she had it all figured out, on track to becoming an artist manager, she found herself broken and unrecognizable in the mirror. Eventually, she was able to find clarity among the fractured pieces and embrace what was inside of her.

The indie-rock band from Richmond, VA, fronted by Colleen, has dreamy melodies and instrumentation paired with warm vocals. Her honest, soulful, lyrically-focused songs pack a punch that make you want to get up and dance while also giving you a safe space to rest.

Colleen and bandmate & producer Brandon O’Neill spent last year shaping the sound of the band. The duo recorded two singles at Blue Sprocket Sound in Harrisonburg, VA last fall with recording engineer & musician Taylor Bess. Since then, Margox has been in the process of promoting the release of the two singles and regularly playing shows in the Richmond area. The band is also currently planning an east coast summer tour with alt-rock band Wine & Warpaint and synth-rock outfit RAWLS.

Margox’s music is unapologetically vulnerable and encourages you to find what you love and fight for it. Their music invites listeners into an open place for all, soaked in a lot of truth, emotion, and, of course, the color orange.